Our Readers' Opinions
June 19, 2009
None Better than the ULP team


Editor: The ULP government has been performing very well, but by contrast the NDP in opposition has been performing badly. The ULP is coherent with a vision, philosophy and programmes, while the NDP is in confusion. The ULP has a very good leader, and by contrast the NDP has a very poor leader.{{more}}

Does anyone seriously think that a government with the likes of Arnhim Eustace, St.Cair Leacock, Daniel Cummings and Lorraine Friday can properly manage and handle these challenging times? No way. They are too inexperienced.

Then, a government must have back up support. So let us look at the NDP back up team. They include Dr. Kenneth John, Dr. Adrian Fraser, E G Lynch, Dougie De Freitas, Kenlyn, Mathew Thomas, Junior Bacchus, Vynette, Keith Joseph, Bert Francois, and the list goes on.

May Almighty God help us if ever this type of government becomes the burden of the nation. That is the alternative to the ULP. May God truly help us!

Bernardo Williams