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June 12, 2009
Women, get involved!


Editor: I have been studying Vincentian politics for over fifty years and know I am 99 per cent correct in saying that Vincy women are not interested in politics.{{more}}

In fact, they have never been so inclined. It is an unwritten law in SVG that politics is a male chauvinist occupation and the women seem to accept that idea totally. They adore and worship their male political heroes. Listen to them introducing Dr Gonsalves as “Our beloved Prime Minister.”

Our women and young people never express political opinions or comments in the newspapers… However, it was good to hear the female students dealing with political topics in the public speaking competition last year. This should be encouraged.

Almost 30 years of Independence and not a single female emerging as a political force to be reckoned with. At this rate you would never see a female Prime Minister in SVG in the next century.

The Press and the Media play major roles in politics. We should have our young people gaining political skills as Economics correspondents, Political Editors, Social Affairs, Legal Affairs, Educational Affairs and other correspondents. Our young ladies should be holding their own in political, economic and financial debates with the best.

Vincy Women have got to wake up politically. The future of politics is in your hands. Come alive!

Avil Cupid