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June 5, 2009
Abolish Common Entrance Examination


Editor: Yet again our children are subjected to a ritual which goes contrary to every progressive educational practice – the Common Entrance Examination. As more of our teachers are qualifying at degree and higher levels of certification, as well as receiving extensive in-service support to up-grade their teaching skills, it is a mystery, therefore, why this exam continues in essence in the same form as the 1970s.{{more}}

Teachers still teach to this examination. It is the focus and pressure point for all in Primary Education – teachers and students alike. Little wonder then tried and tested teaching methods which bring success for those who aspire to Grammar School and High School continue. It is these methods which result in an education system that fails a significant proportion of students and disadvantages the majority.

The next stage of the Education Revolution is the abolition of this examination and the introduction of comprehensive education. Comprehensive education ensures that all schools offer good quality education to all abilities. Universal Secondary Education should be universal high quality teaching and learning in all schools.

Parents, do not be afraid that your children will suffer. They already are suffering as they are not receiving an education but are being drilled for an outdated, almost worthless examination.

An Educator