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May 22, 2009
You can be much more than you are


Editor: There has never been an individual who has reached his or her ultimate potential. We are much greater beings than we think of ourselves. We were created with a mind, body and spirit.{{more}}

Though we usually place emphasis on our bodies, the other parts are the most powerful. Therefore the mind should get its instructions from the spirit and similarly the body should receive its instructions from the mind.

The mind is divided into the conscious and the subconscious. Of course they are all parts of a continuum. The subconscious is the boundary between the sprit and the conscious mind though there is no definite demarcation. When you are driving a car, you very often forget that you are driving but you are carrying out all the functions that are involved in driving. That is because the subconscious is operating at a higher level and is sending instructions directly to the body. At this stage you can be most vulnerable and this is where the spirit comes in. It must be allowed to play its role in warning us of impending danger. Many of us believe that the spirit has its main functions after death, but that is not true but was given to us to fully utilize in this life. Sometimes a person performs something spectacular, then when asked to repeat it, they are unable to do so. That is because it was done with the subconscious playing the leading role but the conscious mind does not allow you to because it is being affected by fear and doubt.

Do you need a watch or a clock to tell the time? No, you do not need them. If you stop wearing your watch or looking at a clock to tell the time you can develop the art of telling the time. It just takes practice. You ought to remember that your spirit knows everything even the future. That is why it can warn you of danger. There is no separation of time as far as the spirit is concerned but that does not mean it cannot tell the time as determined by mankind. You just have to keep asking yourself the time and answering it instantly. As you practice it more and more, you would eventually be able to tell the time perfectly therefore would no longer need a watch or clock. The principle involved here is that when you ask yourself the time, you allow your spirit to answer because your mind would begin to analyze. It would introduce doubt saying that it cannot be that time so, you bypass the mind. The spirit would send the answer to the mind.

The greatest disappointment comes from persons associating these abilities with power from the devil. In fact they are the power of God at work.

The Mystic