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May 22, 2009
Has the church failed?


Editor: The question can be asked, “Has the church failed?” If we truly understand that the head of the church which includes all Christians from all denominations is the Lord Jesus Christ, then it can never be said that the church has failed.{{more}}

While it is true that there are many churches and an increase in crimes of various kinds, we have to recognize that it is not that the church has failed, why the crimes are increasing. Yes we would naturally expect that since there are so many churches then this country should have fewer crimes and more Christian practices. But the harsh reality is that we are living in the last days, thus the hearts of men have become harder and harder.

We cannot deny the fact that the church has been active in proclaiming the gospel in many forms and has been active in reaching out on a personal way to others, but men have simply chosen to ignore the loving hands of God which reach out to mankind. The simple fact is that Christians cannot put Christ into anyone. Noah presented the gospel to an entire nation. He was perfect and upright and walked with God, yet people refused. Did Noah fail? No. So it is today.

The rising crimes, the immoral lifestyle, and the increase in HIV/AIDS are but a reminder that the end of the church age is at hand and soon the judgement of God will fall on us. It is time therefore to wake up and realize the times we are living in.

In any nation not everyone will be satisfied with the present administration. Not everyone will be employed. Not everyone will receive direct benefit and for sure there will always be areas where faults can be found. But that does not mean that the administration has failed. Similarly, so the church is not perfect and so there will always be areas where it can improve. It will not be able to solve all the problems and men will still reject it, but it does not mean that it has failed.

Kennard King