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May 8, 2009
Misleading statements circulating about Pan in VINCY MAS 2009


EDITOR: In view of the misleading statements being circulated with respect to the status of Pan in Vincy Mas 2009, the CDC in conjunction with the Youlou Pan Movement, has taken a decision to provide this joint release. This is literally “to clear the air” through the following definitive statements.{{more}}

First, the Youlou Pan Movement (as well as the other Components of Carnival i.e. Calypso and Mas) are represented on the CDC and participate in the discussions and decision-making with respect to Vincy Mas activities. What this means, is that no decisions regarding Pan (or any other Components of Carnival for that matter) would be taken without discussion, consultation and mutual understanding, with the relevant organisation.

The issue to reposition Panorama from within the Dimanche Gras Show to its own show on Thursday, July 2nd, was a recommendation brought to the CDC by the Youlou Pan Movement. The CDC agreed and accepted this as a collaborative effort in the quest to ‘improve the content and quality of the shows’, while retaining the cultural value of the pertinent art form and to work towards the GROWTH of those talents.

In the case of Pan, this was not ‘thrown to the dogs’ as some have frantically stated. There was a mutual agreement to schedule Pan in their own ‘night of expression, and this was granted.

Secondly, with respect to the private entity, which is having an event on the same night as Panorama – it was clearly understood that this Show will not encroach onto the established program of the CDC.

The CDC and the pertinent Component have acknowledged that the particular private Show has no ‘competing interest’ with the scheduled events of the CDC.

The CDC has worked and will continue to work harmoniously with the Components of Carnival and with any other groups, in every regard, to seek to arrive at a working consensus-in the interest of Carnival at all times.