Our Readers' Opinions
March 20, 2009
Stop police brutality!


Editor: I hereby request in a kind manner that you publish the following for the benefit of the public and the police force:

Policemen and policewomen, we do appreciate your service to the nation in providing protection for the public at large, protecting us from thieves, robbers, rapists etc. Yes, you are to be commended for your efforts. Thank you for your services.{{more}}

However, it is with deep regret that I have to implore the police to stop police brutality, please. In recent times, there have been too many incidents of such inhumane treatment of people. The police are only hurting themselves, for people will not cooperate with them when they need the public’s assistance if they keep abusing people.

Commissioner of Police, I call on you please to do something to STOP police brutality. Some in the police force are doing things that make you look as though you’re no good, causing people to say nasty things about you, Commissioner. Please do not let them spoil your reputation.

Honourable Prime Minister, can you please step in and do something about the ill treatment of people by the police? I beg that you please do. Can you please call a series of meetings with the entire police force, probably having them in zones to address the matter? Please do not let your reputation and that of the Government go to nothingness. Please.

Can the title:”The Police Force” be changed to “The Protective Services” to remind some policemen of their roles?