Our Readers' Opinions
March 20, 2009
Make Inter-Secondary Sports a floodlight meet


Editor: With the annual Inter-Secondary Schools Sports around the corner, I’d like to make a suggestion that instead of a “daytime meet” an “evening meet” (floodlight sports) to be held, from 4 pm to 9 pm.{{more}}

Think of all the advantages to be gained:

(1) All former students and the general public will be able to attend, thus more funds will be collected at the gate.

(2) The cooler atmosphere provides better conditions for athletes; also, a larger supporting audience will encourage better performances.

(3) Opportunities for family outings are scarce.

(4) There are disadvantages in that the highest level of security for our youths will be needed.

(5) All students will be required to remain inside the Stadium until the end of the games – an abundance of food be available.

(6) Smooth running and a prompt finish must be ensured.

(7) Next day schools can begin at 10 am/10:30 am (or house feed, if copied by individual schools).