Our Readers' Opinions
March 20, 2009
Give College girls clear guidelines for uniforms


EDITOR: Am I the only one who is uncomfortable with what is presented as the uniform for female students of the SVG Community College? As parents, teachers and educators, we must be somewhat disconcerted by the CREATIVE adjustments and additions that have been made to the college uniform.{{more}} Additionally, the dangling earrings, large necklaces and heavy make-up seem more suited to a social function rather than any type of academic pursuit. Indeed, some of our young ladies must be uncomfortable in the wedged-on polyester pants that they stitch onto their bodies.

I have always taken the concept of a uniform literally, in that a uniform must represent one form, not variations of a form. In addition to this, one of the objectives of having a uniform is for clear identification with the organization to which the uniformed individual belongs. What is more, the uniform is representative of the discipline of the organization. There must be clear lines – guidelines – within which the organization operates and the uniform is a symbolic representation of these guidelines.

Police Officers, Nurses and school children demonstrate their understanding of the meaning of a uniform by the way they wear their uniforms. Is it that our college girls do not understand the concept? Or are they given too much room for interpretation? The female students at the Technical College understand the concept of a uniform.

Please, let us give our ‘college girls’ clear guidelines and guidance. They are still at the stage where we can nurture them.