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March 13, 2009
We have become mentally paralyzed


Editor: The mind is a very powerful tool and when used creatively there is hardly a challenge that mankind cannot overcome. We must never underestimate the power of the mind and the effect of a simple thought from the mind.{{more}}

Over the years institutions like churches and political organizations have done great injustice by not encouraging persons to think creatively. Persons cannot oppose a party without running the risk of victimization or alienation from one side or the other. If someone challenges an issue in the Bible they are considered to be the worst by many. We need to have a society of diverse thinking and not just repeating everything the politician or the preacher says. We cannot speak openly as a people therefore we are unable to understand what is taking place in the minds of persons. People are afraid to openly express what they feel.

I am sure there is hardly anyone that believes every thing that is written in the Bible yet persons are afraid to debate it. I do not believe that God said that slaves should be loyal to their masters as written in the book of Ephesians nor that incest took place among the children of Adam and Eve.

We must remember that we are triune beings of body, mind and spirit therefore we must put them all to work Let us try and develop a society of creative thinkers. As it stands at this moment, I believe that our society has become mentally paralyzed.