Our Readers' Opinions
March 13, 2009
Parents, place a high priority on moral and religious values!


Editor: This generation it seems has been brought up differently, with old time values not important. In our day we were poor and we had to live without many things. There were not many persons who could have afforded telephones, brand name clothes, televisions, computers and vehicles just to name a few. However, life was more enjoyable.{{more}}

We never used to hear of this many crimes. Indeed discipline was our hallmark. The rod of correction was frequently used and it never made us criminals. Today a parent can be charged for abuse and can even lose his/her child, because in the eyes of the social worker, the child is being abused if a child is beaten too hard or too much. Teachers are afraid to discipline children lest they be charged in court. Parents can’t even discipline their children anymore.

The licks in the olden days never made us criminals. It prevented us from being criminals. The freedom children have today was not so prominent in our days. Sunday school and church were a must on Sunday or Saturday for the Adventists. Sunday was considered holy and so no games or blockoes and partying were done on Sunday. Love for our neighbours was present.

There was no need to teach conflict resolution because as children when there was an argument there would be a quick settling or a little fight with hands, but by the end of the day those same persons were friends again. The little we had would be shared, not so today.

So when we read of the teenage pregnancies and teenage crimes and the many things that are going negatively in our world, it makes us wonder if we are living in the wrong time or if something is wrong with this generation.

I strongly recommend that parents place a high priority on moral and religious values in the home. Let discipline to be done. Let love return and let us learn to live lovingly.

Let not material things control our lives, but instead let Christ become the centre of our homes.

Kennard King