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March 13, 2009
Does anyone unravel Bassy’s language?


Editor: This yardstick can be applied to most of the men writers in SVG. But right now the focus is on my good friend ‘One-love’ Bassy who, I’m sure, has something to say but chooses to create his own language to write it.{{more}}

This is not the first time I have criticized Bassy’s nonsense language. In the past, the late Patrick Hughes agreed with my criticism, and Dr Kenneth John even suggested that Bassy should stick to forecasting tri-tri.

Bassy is a one-man act playing different characters such as Liza and Sue. He has been writing in the newspapers for over 30 years. But does anyone have the time and patience to unravel Bassy’s nonsense language? I’ve met no-one in England who says he reads Bassy. Maybe he is only writing for Vincentians living in SVG. He is a prominent figure in SVG: Surveyor, writer, folklorist, charity worker, musician and more.

He must be in the frontline for one of SVG’s top Award for service to the community. So, ‘What is the SDD?’ Is that a new award?

Avil Cupid

P.S. Are there any women writers in SVG?