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February 27, 2009
Why is DPP office still woefully understaffed?


Editor: Does the Government of St. Vincent have confidence in the young Lawyers in St. Vincent and the Grenadines? I am forced to ask that question after reading a few months ago that the DPP Office is woefully understaffed.{{more}}

My investigation reveals that the DPP’s office has about 4 vacancies. Not only does the DPP have vacancies, but the Attorney General’s Office is also understaffed. Since the resignation of Paula Delves as Solicitor General, Euchrista Bruce-Lyle as Chief Parliamentary Counsel and Camillo Gonsalves as Senior Crown Counsel, no one has been appointed to those positions. One is, therefore, forced to ask: do we have the Lawyers in Saint Vincent who are capable of filling those positions?

I want to suggest to the Government, who seems to have so much confidence in young people, that we do have capable Vincentian Lawyers right here who can fill those positions.

How about these people: Appoint Duane Daniel Assistant D.P.P, Sylna Ambris Chief Parliamentary Counsel, Anella James Senior Crown Counsel. The Current Registrar, Mrs. Marks, make her the Solicitor General, Ricky Burnett the Registrar. Give Doctor Fraser’s daughter and Venol Coombs’ son a chance to work as Crown Counsel in the D.P.P.’s office.

How come the D.P.P.’s office is understaffed? What happened to Suenel Fraser? She is in St. Vincent. The Labour Commissioner is also a Lawyer. If the Government is serious, then they could look at these people as capable Vincentians who they should consider and who are already in the system.

Patriotic Vincy