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February 27, 2009
Today, I am vindicated


Editor: Several months ago when the matter of the merger of LIAT and Stanford’s Carib Star airline was being discussed, I voiced the opinion (on a Shake-Up programme) that I was suspicious of the Texan financier. I also expressed my unqualified support for the position taken (then) by Prime Minister Gonsalves, on the LIAT-Stanford merger. On that very radio programme, I also expressed the view that Stanford got into the cricket business purely from financial considerations.{{more}} I recall asking Burns (the host) “How cricket get to Stanford – the Texan…?”. I also opined that the 20/20 format was bad for cricket.

Seems now that Prime Minister Gonsalves may very well be vindicated, and Opposition Leader Eustace and others who at the time criticised the PM for his position now have egg all over their faces.

I do not know about the Prime Minister, but I feel fully vindicated on this Stanford business interests in the Caribbean. Indeed, I believe when the investigations are complete, we will be looking at closer to $20 billion.

Had Stanford been given his way, where would our regional air transportation industry be today?

Cde. T. Wade Kojo Williams, Sr.