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February 27, 2009
How many are ripped off by faulty meters?


Editor: In my experience with these utilities I have found it ironic that there are readers of meters and yet clients are over billed.{{more}}

At one point with 10 units on the meter, I was billed over $300 for 2 units from the previous month. On both occasions I visited the office and these were rectified without any explanation. At the same residence I had vacated, I was billed $300 plus for water. After examination of the system, it was found that there was a leak that was repaired.

The very next month the bill was for $94. After paying these bills, I requested the termination of water services on those premises, only to receive a second bill for the exact same amount of $94 plus. After reading the meter myself, it was verified that no additional units had been used. I went to the office and spoke to Mr. Dalrymple and Mr. Jackson. I was told that the reading I made was correct. The explanation given was that the system would automatically charge for the previous month in the instance where there was a faulty meter.

Before the leak occurred, my monthly bill was between $30 to $40. At the time of the leak when it was over $300, the system did not adjust to the previous month. I found that there are some irregularities in the system. If I had been out of the state and was unable to confirm the above, I would have had to pay the cost. I wonder how many persons are being billed this way who are unable to or just did not take the time to check their bills.

A.E. Cabral