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February 20, 2009
Death Penalty revisited


EDITOR: My sympathies and prayers go out to the Dennie family on the loss of their son. No family deserves to lose a member that way. I am also proud that they have the strength to forgive the perpetrators of this crime.{{more}}

Where I have to differ, though, is on the issue that Mr. Dennie, a church minister, has spoken out for the death penalty to be reinstated in St. Vincent. I am surprised that he quoted the Bible as saying that “If a man shed blood, his blood should be shed by man.”

Mr. Dennie, as a respectable preacher, please don’t take scriptures out of context and use them to apply to situations. Should we also go by the law “An eye for eye and a tooth for a tooth?” Or even worse, “If your hand offends you, cut it off?”

These are all old testament writings that were for the Israelites before Jesus came. There were many such laws that, if used today, will create havoc and lawlessness in our society. I realize that with the rash of cold blooded crimes in SVG, it is quite easy to rally for the death penalty, but stop for a moment and think, could you imagine how many innocent ones will be ‘murdered’ at the gallows?

The death penalty does not belong in a civilized society. Mr. Dennie, please note that the Good book also states that all judgement belongs to God.

Thank you for this space in your reputable paper.

Carlos Walcott
Winnipeg, Canada