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February 13, 2009
Isn’t pilfering stealing, however you look at it?


EDITOR: So the Nurses Association concedes that there is “pilfering” at the Hospital, but is of the view that it is small compared to the mismanagement of stores and supplies. We have to get one thing clear. Pilfering is stealing, pure and simple. Maybe bad management of the procedures aids the pilfering, but it is still stealing.{{more}}

I hope that the Nurses Association and others at the Hospital make things better. If the Prime Minister did not speak out, there would be no admission by the Association. Interestingly, Dr. Gonsalves did not refer to Nurses in his comments, and from my hearing, he did not have Nurses in mind.

The less said about the Public Service Union, the better. They tried to defend that which cannot be defended, and it was a mountain of bureaucratic confusion.

The PSU wants the Prime Minister to use a “procedure.” They are angry because he spoke as a Leader and called a spade a spade.

The people supported him on this, and if you ride on the vans you would hear their support. People have experience of the pilfered items being sold to them, or used at the private clinics of some doctors. In addition, people know those hospital workers who have hospital sheets and pillowcases at their homes.

Let’s clean up the place, all of us. That’s our duty.

Bernadette James-Carmichael