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February 13, 2009
A warning to all pitbull owners


EDITOR: Is it really a joke to some pitbull owners that these dogs are dangerous? It seems that way. Why do I say so? Some pitbull owners, living in areas where passersby frequently walk, are still letting them loose.{{more}}

In a certain village recently, a man was walking his dog when he passed by a house where a pitbull was loosed. The pitbull rushed out of its yard and attacked the man’s dog ferociously. Fortunately, the man had a cutlass and chopped the pitbull, killing it.

The pitbull’s owner was very angry. The police was called in. They told the man that he had a right to defend his dog and that the pitbull owner was wrong to have his pitbull on the loose.

A few days ago, a group of people, including young children, were about to pass a house with a loosed pitbull. A man warned them not to pass there because the pitbull was looking dangerous. The group had to turn back and walk a different and longer route to get to their destination. Incidentally, this happened in the same village mentioned above.

I write this to warn pitbull owners. Let us learn from what happened in the past.

Your pitbull may seem innocent, but DO NOT underestimate them. They may attack anyone suddenly. Pitbulls are dangerous. Prevention is BETTER than cure. Tie your pitbull. Tie your pitbull.

Really Concerned