Our Readers' Opinions
February 6, 2009
The church and its influence


Editor: Many persons have claimed that the church has failed to effectively influence our young people in a positive direction. Such a statement can be debated. However, it can never be doubted that the church is where many persons who are singers, dramatist and speakers, just to name a few, had their beginning.{{more}}

It is sad that many persons who today are calypsonians, reggae stars and other cultural persons sang in choirs at church, Sunday School or youth groups. But today, they have not continued in the church, but departed. The question therefore is, “Has the church failed?”

Had it not been for the church, many of these cultural persons would not have had the start they had. We need to be bear in mind that Satan offers a counterfeit and offers a package that looks attractive. Thus, many persons are led astray by what Satan has offered, and thus, their God-given talent was not channeled in the right direction.

As Christians, we are expected to let Christ live and be seen in our lives and not try to copy many practices and cultures of the world in order to attract young people. For this will not in the long run keep our young people in the church.

What we need are men and women who are role models and represent Christ to our young people, so that they can see a difference from what they see in the ‘world. If we fail to do so we will loose our young people to the Devil. The Bible is what keeps a person believing in God and following Him. For when difficulties arise, Christ is the one they will see, and they will find strength in Him.

Kennard King