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January 30, 2009
Why was SVG Green Party not invited?


EDITOR: On Monday, January 26, 2009, a new Supervisor of Elections was sworn in by His Excellency the Governor-General. Representatives from the ULP regime and the NDP opposition were present, yet no invitation was given to the SVG Green Party to attend the swearing-in ceremony.{{more}}

History has shown that Apartheid in South Africa had to be torn down, segregation in the USA had to be dismantled. Discrimination against the SVG Green Party is evil and must be abolished.

The new Supervisor of Elections in SVG started off on the wrong footing, in her failing to acknowledge in public the absence of a representative from the SVG Green Party during the swearing-in ceremony, and to question whether or not they were invited.

Thus the SVG Green Party is very disappointed with the stance taken by the new Supervisor of Elections and looks forward to her making a public statement on this issue, as the SVG Green Party is a registered political party with a symbol awarded by the said Electoral Office.

The new Supervisor of Elections is a national of SVG and must have known that the SVG Green Party is a bona fide political party in SVG.

SVG Green Party

Ivan O’Neal – Leader