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January 30, 2009
Obama, Ralph and ‘Together Now!’


EDITOR: Both Comrade Ralph and President Obama have preached “Together Now”. Ralph must know by now that the Opposition NDP and the NDP-FM crowd (the NICE People) have no interest in inclusiveness. That is why it is correct to exclude that small group of dividers and BUILD the consensus with civil society and the people as a whole.{{more}}

“Together Now” for the NDP, NDP-FM, Bassy Alexander, Kenneth John and the others means to follow the defeated NDP policy and appoint mainly NDP people to top posts, even if they are incompetent and especially if they are saboteurs of government policy. They really must have a cock-eyeed view of democracy. The defeated policies and persons must rule!

President Obama has just started his Presidency in the United States and his olive branch of Together Now is being abused by the NDP-type Republicans. They want Obama to appoint Republicans or at least no-party conservatives to top jobs. Liberal democrats and progressive policies are fought by the Republicans.

President Obama was so exasperated last week in a meeting with Republicans, at their pigheadedness, that he blurted out: “Guys, remember I won”.

Obama will learn more as he governs. Opponents must know that democratic elections have consequences, and the NDP is yet to learn this.

Thomas Burke