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January 30, 2009
Here’s why I can’t support Obama


EDITOR: I observed the blind support for Obama with great interest, and as I did, where it came from, and why many people, even those I thought capable of being highly analytical, simply jumped on Obama’s bandwagon. I realized that after centuries of abuse, prejudice and discrimination against black people the world over, the prospect of a black man in the White House is a dream come true.{{more}}

For many, it represents the end of an era, a turning of the tide. I can understand the feeling that this represents a change in the world’s attitude towards black people and the chance that perhaps, just maybe, the playing field could be made level. I can certainly appreciate this view, but I could not allow its accompanying elation to blind me to Obama’s egregiously immoral positions on several issues. I could not support Obama.

Obama is the most pro-abortion president in the history of US politics. Log on to http://www.ontheissues.org/senate/Barack_Obama.htm and review Obama’s voting record on abortion. He even supports partial birth abortion. In partial birth abortion a baby that can live on its own is dragged out of his/her mother, foot first, until the base of the baby’s skull is exposed. With baby’s head still in the birth canal and its legs kicking, a hole is cut in the base of its skull through which its brain is suctioned; Obama supports this. He is so pro-abortion that he even voted against allowing babies that survive an abortion to live. Obama’s pro-abortion stance undermines his credibility as a champion of rights of the vulnerable. What kind of a champion of human rights opposes the right to life? Without the right to life, can any other right be enjoyed? As the American Catholic Bishops have stated, the right to life is the foundation all other rights.

My next objection to Obama is that he supports same sex marriage; log on to the aforementioned web site and look under the “civil rights” heading to review the history of his support for this injustice. On the basis of these two issues alone (and there are others), I could not, in good Christian conscience, support Obama. There is now a move a-foot in the USA to change the definition of marriage to include same sex unions. If it succeeds, persons or organizations which define marriage as being solely between a man and a woman will be open to legal action. Many people embracing Obama’s appeal did not take the time to know what they were embracing. Obama espouses every oppressive population control measure set forth in NSSM 200 (the Kissinger Report), which has guided US foreign policy since 1974. All those hoping for meaningful foreign policy changes under Obama’s administration had better start praying and fasting for his conversion.