Our Readers' Opinions
January 30, 2009
Develop yourself inside out


Editor: There is an inner side of us yearning for outward expression but is very often denied the opportunity. Progress and success for many are measured by the number of material things we have accumulated over a period of time.{{more}} However, this is development that is hardly self sustaining. If your inner self is not well developed you would most likely lose everything that you have accumulated.

The real problem with our society and the world is that we are losing focus of the spiritual things. We have come to believe that Christianity is simply believing in Christ, but on the contrary, Christianity is trying to be like Christ. We do not want to accept this because we do not want to share with others what we think we have worked hard to achieve, or we do not want to forgive those that have done us wrong. We, therefore, have a world filled with negative thoughts and actions.

Simply frightening persons about the coming of Christ and the impending disaster of hell is not going to do anyone good. We need to focus on the inner self and its ability as taught by Christ. It is those thoughts that become embedded in our subconscious that ultimately determine our final outcome.

Remember, we are a mind with a body and not a body with a mind.

The Mystic