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January 23, 2009
Eustace, make way for Sir James

Editor: On every occasion that I visit the towns and villages in our nation, I am appalled by the living conditions of our people. It appears that the ULP Government has been all talk and very little substance. Many of our children are unable to go to school, as parents feel the pain of the high cost of living and are unable to purchase the basic items required to send them.{{more}}

Apart from the Windward Highway, our roads are in such a condition that I am seriously looking for a used bulldozer to traverse them.

The economy is in shambles, but the ULP government continues to spend a lot of money on several projects that, when carefully examined, do not impact positively on our development. I know that it is politically romantic to talk about constructing a stadium, but at the same time, the fifty-five million Arnos Vale Playing Field is a virtual wasteland. Another observation is the vast expenditure allocated for a police station inside the compound of the “Taj Mahal”, when the police station nearby is only inches away from it. While I support a house for Ambassador Camillo, a $4 million expenditure at this time is saying to Vincentians: “Catch your hell while we do well.”

For someone who often talks of being “rootical,” Prime Minister Gonsalves has set a terrible example by using so much of tax payers hard earned money to buy a large fleet of SUV’s to take him around our small country. Then you have the folly and the pappyshow of deputy Straker who ensures that he gets most of these police driven vehicles to take him around when he acts as Prime Minister. It is truly laughable to see him driving himself, needing no protection when he is not acting.

Having said all of that, I do not think that Mr. Eustace can lead the NDP to win the next elections. Mr. Eustace is a good fiscal advisor, but lacks the political wisdom to mount a serious challenge against the PM and the ULP. I believe that Mr. Eustace will win his seat again, but his leadership style does not appeal nationally.

If Mr. Eustace truly cares for St. Vincent and the Grenadines, he should bow out gracefully and let Sir James ensure a victory for the NDP. I am confident that Sir James will bring back many of the supporters who have strayed away. I also know that he has the ability to secure the necessary financial resources to match the ULP.

For the sake of the thousands of Vincentians who have given up hope and long for a better life, I call on you Sir James to return as leader of the NDP and rid us of the tyrannical ULP regime.

J. King