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January 9, 2009
How come so many religious groups teach different things?


Editor: We are encouraging persons to embark on a study of God’s Word, the Bible. When one studies the Bible for himself, he can see what the Bible really teaches, and not go by mere hearsay.{{more}}

Thinking persons may wonder: How is it that there are so many religions claiming to serve the Almighty God and yet their teachings are different? Does God exist divided? The apostle Paul shows that true Christians will all speak the same things (1 Corinthians 1:10). They did not teach conflicting doctrines as is so common with the churches today. In early times, the Israelites were ONE group with one teaching. Jesus Christ later established ONE group of Christians.

Though they were in different locations, they were ONE body, believing and teaching the same things.

We should expect the same today. Christ clearly indicated that his followers would be engaging in a preaching and teaching work today before the end of the world comes. (Matthew 24:14; Matthew 28:19, 20) That teaching involves preaching about the Kingdom. Yet, many people do not know what the Kingdom is. Hence, we are inviting persons to study the Bible with Jehovah’s Witnesses. You will NOT be forced to become one of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Please do not allow anyone to try to stop you doing so. Check for yourself why Jehovah’s Witnesses believe as they do and let them show you proof from your own copy of the Bible. (Acts 17:11; 1 Thessalonians 5: 21) You may ask them questions about the above matters.

Check out Jehovah’s Witnesses in your area. Best wishes to you. Thank you.

Concerned Person