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July 4, 2008
Is Dr. Kenneth John really living in SVG?



In his column in The Vincentian of last week (Friday June 27th), Dr. Kenneth John asserted that the ULP government is doing very little but talking a lot. Is Kenneth John living in SVG? Is he going senile? Is he simply politically blind? Or is he truly a dishonest man?

There is so much public sector activity going on before our very eyes that it really takes a brazen, stupid man to assert to the contrary.{{more}} Let us list some before Dr. John’s eyes:

1. The rehabilitation of the Windward Highway, from Fancy to Kingstown (including the building of the Rabacca Bridge);

2. The construction of the Owia Fisheries Facility;

3. The construction of the Medical Complex at Georgetown;

4. The construction of four secondary Schools and three primary schools;

5. The construction of two Learning Resource Centres and two Police Stations; and the rehabilitation of five other Police Stations;

6. The construction of the Modern Correctional Facility at Belle Isle;

7. The impending start-up of the Argyle International Airport. Ground-breaking is scheduled for July 13th. The equipment for the earthworks is here. Everything is in place to start for this huge project.

8. In Kingstown alone, the following big projects are on-going;

(i) The Modern Library;

(ii) The Reigate building;

(iii) The NIS Headquarters;

(iv) The Modern Customs Building.

9. The Education Revolution continues in all its majesty and import.

10. The Low-Income Housing Project is about to deliver houses at four more sites, including Clare Valley.

11. The comprehensive programme on energy, food production and prices.

There is much more on-going. And there is so much accomplishment since 2001. The ULP government is the most successful in the history of SVG. What’s wrong with Kenneth John? I am sorry for him and his ilk. Do they believe their own foolish propaganda? The people do not!

Aubrey Audain