Our Readers' Opinions
June 20, 2008
Are we losing the fight against crime in SVG?


Editor: Everybody is talking about crime and criminal activity in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. We were promised by the Unity Labour Party (ULP) that if given the chance, they would take care of the crime situation, but in my opinion they have failed. {{more}}

Why did they fail? We will have to ask Prime Minister Gonsalves and Police Commissioner Keith Miller. They might have the answer! We all point our fingers at the authorities about crime and criminal activities in this country, but we need to come together and fight crime. We should start with ourselves, churches, schools, communities, Talk show Hosts and all the columnists who write in all the newspapers. I am hoping that all the editors of the newspapers make a special effort in the editorials to write about the negative impact of crime and criminal activity on our country.

We are now in the Carnival Season. I am hoping that we will see more creativity from mas bands portraying a positive image of our country, and calypsonians singing songs with more respect. Yes, we have to have fun, but it must be clean fun. Remember we still have our country. It’s beautiful. In recent times something seems to be going wrong. Is it lack of parents with values? Are the churches failing in their quest to save souls for Christ? Why do the authorities seem to be failing? What about the policing of our State by the Police Force? We are losing the fight against crime, and it is worrying. We need answers! The National Day of Prayer is a good idea, but we need to go beyond that and find some other ways to take control of crime and criminal activity in this country. Let’s come together and fight crime with all we have and this country will be better off.

Kingsley DeFreitas