Our Readers' Opinions
June 6, 2008
Open letter to the NDP


Editor: It is with regret that I note the NDP is still not operating as a party that will be a strong contender the next election. Any party with some semblance of order will easily overthrow the now severely unpopular ULP; however, I am noting the existence of some of the same pitfalls that cost the NDP the last election.{{more}} And I say this, knowing that some of the seats won by ULP by votes in the mere teens have been and should be viewed with suspicion. It is without question that fancy mathematics and unfounded equations were employed in the counting of ballots for many of the constituencies. This said, the NDP waited until the last minute to really organize and invest effort. This time, plans and strategies must be formulated today, not next week, next month or the day the elections are called.

This said, with the understanding that the Treasury is at the disposal of the ULP, and that power-hungry, so-called leaders will use every cent to protect their power, a fund-raising committee should be organized with proactive attempts to garner necessary finances for the elections. There are many willing donors in the U.S., Canada and England. An outreach system must be structured and implemented to harness and utilize these needed resources. As such, potential contributors need to be provided with information regarding the means and ways of going about making their contributions.

It also seems to be the NDP orientation that a return to “old” members of the party will serve as a shot in the arm to stimulate supporters. While old members should definitely make their presence felt, this tactic should be approached with caution since they may also serve as a turnoff to many. It is ultimately the recruitment of new and qualified candidates that will provide the momentum the party needs. A dedicated and consistent effort must be made in approaching and nominating candidates. The more obnoxiously the ULP behaves, the easier this will be. NDP must think outside the box. Merging with other parties or selecting members of other parties would help consolidate votes. Even approaching people who have no political aspirations may work in NDP’s favor, because such people would not be seeking self-aggrandisement, but rather be passionate about reversing the current plight of this nation. Strategies should also include strengthening ranks by forming alliances with the Teachers Union, Human Rights Association, etc. Regional ties must also be established and a fundamental support system fortified. It is also the NDP’s duty to proceed fearlessly as a role model for all. The insidious fear that the ULP government has instilled in Vincentians must not only be reversed, but should be ridiculed. We should laugh in the face of their threats. If we stand united, they cannot sue us all. They will be seen for what they are: veritable bullies.

Finally, NDP’s political protocol and doctrine must be revisited. Many persons are unable to distinguish the ways in which NDP differs in government policy from the ULP. The NDP needs to convince Vincentians that they have an appropriate economic strategy that is not simply lining the pockets of friends or catering to the status quo of the affluent. Further, the NDP needs to focus on the moral upliftment of the country, as well as the morale of the people. It is time to roll up your sleeves and get to work. God helps those who help themselves. As people of God, we are charged with accepting the responsibility before us and not leaving it to others. As people of God we also believe in miracles. I am counting on the help of a miracle…