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May 30, 2008
NDP, we need the International airport!


EDITOR: More and more Vincentians are becoming politically educated. They can sift sense from nonsense much better these days than before. Ralph Gonsalves understands this; so, he talks sensibly to people. On the other hand, Arnhim Eustace, the NDP and NICE Radio do not grasp this simple yet important point. Foolish propaganda, lies and plain nonsense no longer appeal to Vincentians, except the minority of diehards who themselves do not really believe all this kind of rubbish.{{more}}

Let us take the issue of the Arygle International Airport Project. From the very start, the NDP opposed the ULP government’s plans to the point of wanting it to fail. It was never treated by them as a project for all well-meaning Patriots to support. They mocked it; sought to undermine it; tried to sow confusion about it; and later, to deny that it will ever happen. As the Prime Minister said, anytime it appeared as though there was an apparent delay or problem, the NDP went into an orgy of celebration. Clearly, a massive project like this must have on-going challenges. Patriots will seek solutions, not an opportunistic party advantage of an obviously transitory or temporary nature.

So, when the first batch of heavy-duty equipment arrived recently, what were the responses of the NDP? Sadly, I heard their spokespersons say:

1. The equipment is “sketel”; i.e. old and second hand. (Of course, this was swiftly shown not to be true, but even if it were, what’s the point?).

2. Parading the equipment in the streets on the way to Argyle was a classic “communist ploy” by Ralph. (Really, do they think that this “communist” bogey can work in today’s world? What’s wrong in celebrating the equipment’s arrival?)

3. The rest of the equipment will never come. (The PM has said that the balance of the equipment for the first kilometre of the runway will be in SVG before the end of June. Why not wait and see? In any event, should we not all make sure that the rest of the equipment comes? Why this denial of reality?)

4. The International Airport is not necessary now that there is the Canouan Jet Airport. (This matter has been amply analysed by the PM before. We have gone past this.)

The opposition NDP has no credibility on the largest capital project ever for SVG. It’s a repeat, but only worse, of their “head in the sand” stance on the Education Revolution.

Sincerely yours,

Bernadette Toney