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May 23, 2008
Senator Leacock’s bad behaviour


EDITOR: I was a witness to some bad behaviour by St. Clair Leacock in Redemption Sharpes on the night of Monday, May 12th, 2008.{{more}}

The Police were in Sharpes patrolling, both SSU and RRU Police. A Police vehicle was being driven by PC Ivo Simon. St. Clair Leacock was in his vehicle tailing the Police vehicle for a few minutes. The Police vehicle pulled to the left of the road to allow Leacock to pass as they reached near to the area of Sharpes Playing Field where a group of people were congregated. Leacock then stopped his vehicle and came outside, blocking the Police vehicle in the road. Some of the Police went into the crowd apparently looking for marijuana because there was a strong smell of it.

The Police driver blew the horn of his vehicle to indicate that he wanted to pass. Leacock was unmoved. After about three or four minutes, the Police driver came out of his vehicle and went to Leacock. The Police driver told Leacock that he was a Police Officer and that he (Leacock was blocking the passage of the Police vehicle. He asked Leacock to move his vehicle but Leacock was unmoved.

Leacock then told the Policeman: “You Police come up here harassing and roughing up people. I am the representative for Sharpes and I would not stand for it; it makes me mad. When you come to me, approach me better. I am a Senator, so salute me first and then talk to me. So, go and come back and do it properly”.

The Policeman said nothing. He walked away amidst laughter by the people. The Policeman went back into his vehicle and waited there until his colleagues returned from their search. Leacock’s vehicle still blocked the road. A short while later, one of the returning officers whom I know as PC Richards, went to Leacock and spoke to him. Leacock then moved his vehicle. It was really embarrassing for the Police. If it was anyone else, the Police would have locked up the persons who blocked the road and behaved badly.

I voted Leacock in 2005, but never again. We people in Sharpes want the Police to help us keep law and order. You can investigate what I write here. It is the truth.

Sincerely yours,

Benson Marshall