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May 23, 2008
A response to Otto Sam


Editor: I hereby seek a space in your newspaper to respond to Otto Sam’s letter in your May 16, 2008 issue.

Mr. Sam, they say attitude affects aptitude. I am wondering whether or not you live in this blessed land of ours called St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Because if you are associating the word excellent with what goes on at the Sports Department then the word excellent must be used in every situation in life.{{more}}

All the programmes you mentioned as they relate to the Director of Sports having the initiative are with good intentions, but do you know how effective they are? Are you aware of the unprofessional and aggressive approach to the management of the Sports Department? Are you aware of the frustration that the Officers go through on a daily basis because of the Director’s style of leadership? I think you should enter the kitchen of the PESD.

The Ministry of Education has always been a bosom buddy friend of the Sports Department. The friendship was so good that there was no need for any paper work for things to be done between both parties; all it took was a phone call. Today this cannot happen because some persons feel that they can disrespect the hierarchy of the Ministry in the worst and most bitter way and expect it to be business as usual. Well, Mr. Sam, that’s not how it works.

As far as my memory goes, it was not the Director of Sports who was instrumental in getting the Wellness Programme started and the standardized warm-up in schools; it was the former Director of Sports who spear-headed the Healthy Life Programme and the Fitness Test throughout the primary and secondary schools.

The downgrading of the post of Director of Sports from Grade 11 to 8 is probably due to the occupant of the post presently. Who knows? Maybe it is because the predecessor left a very big shoe to fit.

No one is after the job of the Director as he often says but it is a job that calls for an image and attitude that is good and positive. Not an attitude that says “yes I have arrived and I am going to make my presence felt by belittling all those in my path”.

Brenton Weekes