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May 9, 2008
Are we really living in poverty?


Editor: Let me take this opportunity to say thanks to the government for heeding to the call of this writer and filling some of the potholes from Barrouallie onwards. There are many more that need filling. However, we must appreciate that some efforts are being done to have them filled. My hope is that all the holes will be filled. Thank you.{{more}}

Madam Editor, the question needs to be asked: “Are we really living in poverty in this country?” We recognize that there are some amongst us who are truly living in poverty. However, there are many who claim that they are living in poverty and are not really living in poverty.

Look at it carefully. Many children go to school without proper meals, books and clothing, yet their mothers are clothed in brand name clothes, go to the hairdressers so often, and buy expensive things. In the homes, they have cable television. They go to shows on weekend. Some are always buying new furniture and appliances.

Don’t talk about the amount of money that is being spent on cell phones. Yet their children are left hungry. Is this really poverty? The children, too, spend lots of money on cell phones daily when that same money could help them.

My honest opinion is that parents need to prioritize and teach their children to save and prioritize. For the emphasis is on looking sexually attractive, having sexual affairs and other things while education and eating healthy are given little priority.

I wonder how mothers feel leaving their children hungry while they go out and enjoy themselves. This is something the social welfare needs to look into.

Thank you

Kennard King