Our Readers' Opinions
May 2, 2008
Fresh blood in the ULP Government


Editor: The ULP government is quite right in refreshing itself in accord with the broad mandate given to the Party at its National Conventions of 2006 and 2007. The recent appointments of the brilliant, committed, and humble Saboto Caesar as a Senator and Parliamentary Secretary, and of the equally accomplished La Celia Prince as Ambassador to the USA and the OAS in Washington, are a continuation of a trend in the ULP since the general elections of December 2005.{{more}} Saboto is 27 years old; and La Celia is 31 years old. Quite impressive! Both are from very humble beginnings.

The ULP has certainly a wonderful crop of quality young persons rising quickly through the ranks. Others are waiting, actively and ready, in the wings. The list is most encouraging: Senators Rochelle Forde and Richard Williams; immediate-past Senator Ronald Marks; Dr. Eric Audain; Hans King; Dunstan Johnson; Michelle Fyffe; Makila Joseph; Lydon George; Camillo Gonsalves; and Glen Beache, among others.

Dozens of persons studying at Universities overseas are members of the ULP, anxiously waiting to return and contribute to their nation and government.

In the public service (including the Police and Teaching profession) young persons are advancing to the highest ranks. Examples abound, including the youngest Police Commissioner ever Keith Miller, and Permanent Secretaries like Allan Alexander.

In the public enterprises, both on Boards and in management positions are young persons of real quality.

Meanwhile, the NDP is stuck with some old-timers of questionable value, and very few young persons of quality coming through. The NDP is obviously living in the past. No wonder the inclusion of Saboto Caesar in the government and some consequential realignment of portfolios, the NDP sees as a ULP weakness! NDP is really foolish.

I agree with the Prime Minister in pushing the cause of young persons through education and promotion in high jobs. In the next elections I hope that the ULP runs at least seven or eight fresh, quality, young candidates. And in the not-too-distant-future I hope that Comrade Ralph will prepare himself to be replaced by someone like Rochelle, Saboto, Hans or Camillo.

Our future is in good hands!

Sincerely yours,
Bernard Campbell.