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December 21, 2007
Opposition holds record of longest exemption from Parliament


Editor: The Opposition from 2001 to present has created history in this country. They hold the record for the highest exemption from Parliament; the opposition to ask some of the most ridiculous and ambiguous questions in Parliament; they have been ruled against the most by the Speaker of the House; been corrected the most on parliamentary rules and procedures by the Leader of the House; speak and forget what they said; and the list continues.{{more}}

The reasons presented by the Leader of the Opposition for exempting Parliament is beyond imagination. Is it that he has no calibre to equal the Prime Minister? The Leader of the Opposition is acting like a husband who has domestic problems; he walks away or goes for a ride to cool his head, but the problem remains unsolved. The tax payers of this country are paying you a salary to oppose any wrong-doing in Parliament or in the country; not for some “boys” to direct your actions. We are also paying you to speak the truth, not to distort figures or information (as stated by the Prime Minister) for your own political aspiration.

It is time for Mr. Eustace to be who he is expected to be- “kind and gentle,” if he has intentions to develop this country as a kind and gentle society. Being kind and gentle includes staying in Parliament and defending your position on any issue; not to leave and ask for an apology. Be a leader, not a follower. As a tax payer, I am expecting some positive changes from you for 2008.

A Teacher