Our Readers' Opinions
December 21, 2007
Just giving people what they want


Editor: I refer to an article entitled “Backward Move”, which appeared in your newspaper of November 30th, under the caption On Target, written by Rohan Thomas.

Quoting Mr. Thomas, he said: “The move by the Marriaqua Sports Association (MSA) to revert to the old ways of its presentation ceremony is a backward step”.{{more}}

Madam Editor, I would, as president, be the first to concede that Mr. Thomas is right in his analysis.

The old order where footballers received their awards right after the game was appropriate for the times, where sports was seen as a game. Sports has now become an industry. Footballers, like other sportsmen and women, are now earning millions; they are some of the biggest stars.

Our smallness in size as a nation should never prevent us from meting out the appropriate respect to our footballers.

Mr. Thomas asked that I explain this. While we as an executive on the M.S.A sought to bring glamour and prestige to our footballers, many resisted change, simply because they believe that football must live in the swamps all its life like swine.

Mr. Thomas, our decision to revert to the old order was simple. We gave some people what they want, sad to say it, but the truth must be told.

Some people scoff at efforts to distinguish sportsmen for their contribution in a dignified way.

Larry Bascombe
President M.S.A