Our Readers' Opinions
November 9, 2007
It is time for realistic, honest reflection


Editor: The 27th Day of October 2007 marked 28 years of national independence for St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Now that the day has passed and the fanfare is over, it is time for realistic, honest and unemotional reflection on our nation’s accomplishments.{{more}}

Too often in our reflection we only focus on development based on the economic progress, infrastructural accomplishments, and commercial advancements. While we focus our attention on the development that facilitates economic prosperity (not that we are economically prosperous), we fail to strike a balance. As a result, we neglect to nurture that part of our people that aides in the development of strong characters, pleasant personalities, high moral standards, strong ethical practices, and other qualities that contribute to the development of the individual.

We must always remember that our community is made up of individuals who are a part of a family. We must also not forget that the family is the most important institution in the community. It is important to note that the predominant behaviors that blight or bless the communities only reflect the state of the families that exist in the community.

A family that is strong, loving, caring and honest will produce individuals that practice the same. Today, St. Vincent is plagued with a high crime rate. We have very little respect for self, others and the property of others. This is displayed daily in the behaviors of the people, but more so the frequency at which police intervention is needed in the school, the regularity at which members of the community succumb to gunshot wounds, the escalation of homicides that are committed, the number of youths that now loiter the side walks to satisfy the demand for illegal drugs, and the level of sexual promiscuity that infects our youth, most of whom are and were victims of some unscrupulous adult.

The leaders of our homes and our communities, especially those that hold public offices, must take their responsibilities more seriously. They have to be a positive model to the people who look to them for leadership and good examples. They must conduct themselves in such a manner that their personal and public life becomes an example that is worthy to be emulated and reflects only wholesome positive qualities. Until we make a commitment to ourselves and our communities, and find the gusto and mental fortitude to live up to that commitment, our families will always be victims of lazy and indifferent parents, and the community will always be a place that is contaminated with fear.

My Country needs strong leaders, with a sense of what is right, whose life reflects strong ethics, and for justice they will fight who will always make the distinction, never mixing right with wrong a leader by example, one that’s proven to be strong My country needs role models, there is no one else but you, one to teach by your example, not to tell us what to do, one with guts and fortitude, who’ll put their courage to the test one who doesn’t practice mediocrity, but always give your best.

My country needs two voices, voices that will call a spade a spade voices loud and filled with courage, not those that are afraid, so when I hear these voices, please let one voice be mine, and the voice that should make it two, should belong to you.

Allan Palmer