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November 9, 2007
Coconut: animal, vegetable or mineral?


Editor: Regardless of our level of education, Vincentians should not have to ponder the correct answer to the above caption. Cholesterol: a crystalline solid that is found in the FAT and BLOOD of ANIMALS, it is not obtained from VEGETABLE source.{{more}}

“Coconut farmers, however, have a serious problem these days, owing to low prices and the fruits high cholesterol content.” The health-conscious people would not recommend it – the Coconut-Mite, is perhaps a blessing in disguise.

Bassy’s article in the Searchlight Newspaper 19th October, 2007, ‘De right to food coconut’, puts the blame on the U.S. Pharmaceutical Companies for the closure of the Coconut Oil Industry in St. Vincent. I am listening, tell me more. At that precise time, the BBC Caribbean Evening Report carried the report by a University in the United States about samples of coconut oil from the Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica. The finding reported that it could not link cholesterol with edible oil from coconut.

There is a booklet, VITAL FOOD, written by H. E. Kirshner M.D. The suggested retail price of the 36 page booklet in the early 1960’s was forty-five cents (45c). It researched a combination of eighteen (18) fruits and vegetables, coconut is among them. It also researched sixteen vitamins and minerals, coconut is mentioned in thirteen of those sixteen. They are: Protein: found in fish, meat, fowl etc. Fat: vegetable and animal oils. Carbohydrates: grains, flour, starchy vegetables, sugar. Calories: – …. Calcium: strong teeth and bones, aids in clotting blood, prevents fatigue. Potassium: important for function of liver and kidneys. Great healer. Keeps muscle in tone. Sodium: alkalizes system. Keep Calcium in liquid. Phosphorous: combines with Calcium for teeth and bones. Prevents fatigue. Feed brain. Must be used by mental workers. Chlorine: cleaners. Aids in digestion juices. Helps nerves. Sulphur: liver cleanser. Cleanser of digestive track. Skin, hair, nails. Acts on heart and purifies blood. Magnesium: bones, nerves, lungs and brain. Children lacking in Magnesium are mentally retarded. Manganese: formation of blood. Transport oxygen. Necessary for glands. Copper: necessary to assimilate iron.

Sore afraid and shy to say it like it is without vengeance? Vincentians need to re-order our priorities and stop short-changing our future generations. How I yearn for the dawning of such a day.

Stanley M. Quammie