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October 26, 2007

The pull down mentality by this handful is sickening


Editor: Permit me space in your column to make a contribution by way of a letter, captioned, “PULL DOWN MENTALITY.” It seems very clear to all and sundry that a handful of so-call know-it-alls are so bitter with the leadership of the Prime Minister, Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, that you could detect the hatred, envy and venom in the voices of Junior Bacchus, Matthew Thomas, and to a lesser extent Frank DaSilva.{{more}}

This thing is sickening, to say the least. How could one man attract all this attention?

Clearly, this baffles the mind. They are so steeped in their hate that they have acquired tunnel vision. All they see is malice and spite.

And they are consumed in their folly and backward thinking. What do they achieve by this escapade but alienation in time by all who they come into contact with? Nobody would want to be associated with them because their intention is clear. Once they do not and cannot have their way, this would be their response to who ever they think they have this attitude towards. These guys fail to recognize that the nice radio listenership is of a certain type; you could almost put a number or name to every caller who calls the programme, whether night or day. This certainly is an echo chamber.

I would like to caution the Leader of the Opposition to be very careful, not to try and defend his talk show host, because he could very well find himself in an embarrassing situation and find that he was set up. Your address to the Nation was like a joke. It amounts to nothing. Your advice was: Give you the opportunity; to do what? For example, the closure of the Medical College; tell me, does this Government have any control in this decision? Does the country have any control over WTO decisions concerning preferential treatment to ACP countries? Are you against the International Airport? I am sure that you get the message. Where would you get the money if you were in Government? So don’t try to mislead people. All I am hearing is to give you a chance but to do what? Just a word of advice to the newspapers.

You must not glorify headlines on your cover page depicting a crime that has been committed by some delinquent person(s), because in the end your paper is sold externally and goes via the Internet. What impression is this conveying to the outside world? That SVG is not the place to be. What impression are you giving persons who want to retire here? You see, report if you must, but please not the cover or back page. Check the Barbados paper or any other, and see for yourself. Let common sense prevail. St. Vincent and the Grenadines belongs to all of us, who would correct things if we messed up. We all have to be careful in what we do.

Can anyone tell me if Senator Major Leacock owns Football Federation? What is wrong if some other persons are of the opinion that there is need for someone else to lead the Federation? Is something wrong with that? Is Mr. Delves not a Vincentian? Why are you guys beating up on him? Who are the ones responsible for divide and rule? This is St. Vincent for you, man. The whole world must be laughing at us. Don’t feel no way man. Don’t feel any way. The last note of caution is that people must understand that when they say nasty things about others that are not true, they must understand that they have to deal with the consequences of their untruth.

Randolph Peters