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October 26, 2007

I am really ashamed


Editor: I read with total aghast the behaviour of one of the elected represenatives. I am absolutely appalled by not only the occurrence of the incidents themselves, but the outright disregard and disrespect of this Minister.{{more}} This is an absolute outrage! It has highlighted the sheer impertinence of this Minister that he felt confident and proud enough of his actions that he had to re-enact and relate this to a gathering of civil servants. Is this an example to show to the influential youths of the country? I should think not. I am so ashamed.

What compounds this even more is the PM’s support of this Minister. A mere apology is not sufficient to restore the damage that has been done. He should do the right thing and resign forthwith. That is the decent thing to do. To the Minister I say this – “shame on you”.

Floyd A. Emmons