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October 12, 2007

Let us build our land hand in hand


Editor: I was very impressed by the great accomplishments of Elma Francois – “An advocate for the underprivileged – Elma Francois”.

Besides sharing the same first name with Elma Francois I, too, was a resident of Trinidad and Tobago, and founded, implemented and maintained a children’s exchange Library in St. Margaret, Claxton Bay, and advocated against the prevalence of the use of marijuana, the drug more commonly used during that era of the early ’80s.{{more}}

The timing of this article is significant, coming at a time when the struggles for respect and dignity for our SVG women at home and abroad seem to be at a peak, a time when crime against the mothers and the future mothers of our nation is higher than ever.

Elma Francois, Chatoyer, and many of our past heroes were some of the many political champions produced by SVG. During one particular period in Caribbean history, the leaders of Trinidad, Barbados and St. Lucia were all offspring of our precious Vincy land.

I wish to reiterate that all of us, both male and female, owe our heritage to the accomplishments of Chatoyer, and women with the characteristics of “Elma Francois” should be encouraged, nurtured and promoted in our ongoing struggles.

After all, we are your mothers, sisters, nieces, relatives, friends and wives. As leaders, our caring instincts can do more good than harm for our little Island in the sun.

To all of you, “Happy Independence”, and let us build our land “Hand in Hand”

“Hand in Hand, Let’s Build Our Land”
The grace of God his mercy stands—
That we will share in Unity
And spread the joy of prosperity.

Our fore-parents’ pain and sweat we bear
Because we have not learnt to care,
We ask that you will grant us ear—
So we can hear and learn to share.

Give us the light O God we pray
That we can see more every day,
Our leaders’ mission we perceive
And work with vision to achieve.

O God we know that you will grant;
The vision of our parents’ plan,
To be as one and one in all;
And build our nation “hand in hand”.

Poem by Elma Gabriel
Community Advocate