Our Readers' Opinions
August 31, 2007

Daniel delivering the goods


EDITOR: I am a voter in North Windward, though I temporarily live in Glen. I want to congratulate the Honourable Montgomery Daniel for the excellent work that he has been doing, both as a Parliamentary Representative and a Minister. It is true that he can improve on his people-to-people skills, but none of us is perfect.{{more}} The most important thing is that he is delivering the goods for the people of North Windward and the nation.

A summary list of his achievements in North Windward includes:

1. The revitalisation of the arrowroot industry, including the rebuilding of the Owia Arrowroot Factory.

2. The building of the Cassava Factory at Orange Hill.

3. The establishment of a secondary school at Sandy Bay.

4. The building of low-income homes at Langley Park.

5. The building of a Learning Resource Centre at Sandy Bay.

6. The renovation of the clinics at Fancy and Owia.

7. The start-up of the construction of the sports facility at Fancy.

8. The building of the roads afresh from Mt. Bentinck to Rabacca.

9. The building of sea and river defences at Langley Park.

10. The rebuilding and extension of the Police Stations at Owia and Sandy Bay.

11. The building currently of the Agricultural Training Institute at Orange Hill.

12. The restoration of the Playing Field at London.

13. The payment of severance pay, which was unpaid for 17 years under the NDP, for the former workers at the Orange Hill Estates.

14. The current rebuilding and extension of the main highway from Fancy to Sandy Bay. The section from Sandy Bay to Rabacca will start soon.

15. The construction of the historic Youremein – Taiwan Bridge over the Rabacca Dry River.

16. The placement of a doctor and ambulance for the first time ever over the Dry River.

17. The commencement of the $37 million Fishing Facility at Owia. (Owia has the second highest Fish landings/catches in St. Vincent, after Kingstown).

18. The construction of the Sandy Bay Primary School. (This was a project planned by the NDP but never executed).

19. The repairs to all schools in his constituency.

20. The concreting or asphalting of several pieces of roads and the general repair of roads, bridges, drains.

Mr. Daniel works in accordance with a North Windward Development Plan, which he drew up in consultation with his constituents and professionals. In it are a tourism project for Orange Hill and the National Park at Rabacca. Both are coming on stream soon. People in North Windward are much better off because of our Mr. Daniel.

As a Minister of Agriculture, he has been in the forefront of the thrust in agricultural diversification. He is at the forefront, too, in the battle to save bananas.

He gets lots of assistance for banana farmers through his Chairmanship of WIBDECO. His recent fight against the Moko disease and his compensation to farmers illustrate this point.

It is clear that Minister Daniel is a favourite of the Comrade. The Prime Minster pumps lots or resources into North Windward, and Daniel has his ear.

All round, a good report card. But as the comrade always says: “Better can be done”.

Sincerely yours,

Brendon Hoyte