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August 24, 2007

Some talk show hosts get failing grades


Editor: What used to be a profession of great articulation and good knowledge has now become a tool to be used by everyone or anyone who old people does say – fronting.{{more}}

It is as though there is no need for any training overseas anymore. The issue of hosting radio programmes is really at its worst state throughout the whole country especially our sporting programs. We have some persons who have been working at the different radio stations for years but still lack the know-how. They are not able to pose questions in a proper or smart way, the ability to make a good sentence is lacking, yet they go about boasting saying the E in their name stands for Extremely good personality.

Whenever these sports programmes are broadcast, you can taste the political bias. You can hear the favouritism, you can hear the wicked vindictiveness coming from their voices. No one ever takes time out to dedicate an hour or half an hour as a matter of fact, the whole programme, for any good.

Our national teams go out and perform well, we could hardly hear about it but let a member of any of those teams commit some wrong doing then you would hear it for weeks upon weeks.

This should not continue. We should get persons whose voices are in-sync and who have a better command of the English Language; who are more conscious minded and who have a larger vocabulary to host our programmes.

St. Vincent has always been a country with great minds and talents. We cannot allow our young people to be listening to these guys.

What comes out of St. Vincent and the Grenadines must be of a higher standard and class.

Sports Enthusiast