Our Readers' Opinions
August 3, 2007
We must fight against homosexuality (sodomy)!


Editor: I refer to an article called ‘Why are we making homos the enemy?’ by Marion Isaacs on page 11 July 27th 2007 edition.

Permit me to fight some of the lame and disgusting arguments that are often presented to oppose sound- thinking people, who strongly detest and defy the practice of sodomy. I remind you of a warning stated in a previous article entitled ‘Sodomy: A curse to society’, that a people who do not learn from their history is bound to repeat it.{{more}} Let us not forget the destruction that came upon Sodom and Gomorrah for this great evil (read Genesis 19).The great God is the same yesterday, today and forever. Sodomy was wrong yesterday, today and will always be wrong. No matter how much people want to talk about ‘modern society and alternative lifestyle’. This is why, sadly, society is on such a downward path. The preserving principles of YHWH-God are often rejected and replaced by twisted philosophies and organisations e.g. the Human Rights Association. Please note that man was never, is not and will never be wiser than the Creator!

Marion Isaacs, it is not hard to respond to the question ‘Who are homosexuals hurting?’ They are destroying their minds by harbouring and propagating such unnatural affections (Romans 1:26). They are helping to prepare the way for our nation’s swift destruction. Their influence is very destructive to the familial structure of society. Imagine some have the audacity to adopt children-since obviously the ‘union’ cannot produce offspring! Reader, it will be too graphic for me to outline some of the horrible activities of sodomites in this paper. From an available internet document called ‘Homosexual Fact Sheet’, we are empirically informed under sub-topics such as ‘ a gay lifestyle leads to an early death, why gays do not live long, violence in the gay lifestyle, child molestation and other violence…and much more.’

The fact that some persons fail to speak out against different forms of social injustices and ill practices such as parental neglect and adulterous ‘pastors’ does not in any way mean that sodomy is not a grave evil and should not be condemned! I do not at all condone pedophiles, delinquent and irresponsible parents and teachers, alter server molesters, dishonest politicians… nor HOMOSEXUALS.

It is good that you ‘leave room for human error…’ as you say, because your reasoning is thwarted, therefore your position is erroneous. Marlon, the real issue is idol values or sin in the heart of mankind that result in all the aforementioned and more evils including sodomy. Sadly, your ideologies do not help in anyway! Be liberated from such false knowledge. Only God-Jesus Christ can give true liberation. It cannot come through licentiousness. The Saviour gives us spiritual freedom to bring us into obedience to His holy Law. This can only come through conversion. ‘And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed’ John 8:32,36.

Ann-Marie John