Our Readers' Opinions
June 29, 2007
No earthly things can pay such measure of trust


Editor: I am a consultant from Kenya, working here with the Ministry of Education as a consultant for the next year.

On the 1st June, I was travelling to Brussels and rushed from the office to the E.T. Joshua airport to catch 12 noon flight to Barbados. In my hand, I had a work folder and in it, an envelope with my travel money just as I had picked it from the bank the previous day. Having gone through Immigration, I sat down in the departure lounge and closed my eyes for a while.{{more}}

Just before boarding the flight I went to the bathroom with my handbag and folder in hand. I rushed out and walked straight to the aircraft. I did not notice the missing folder until I had gone through Immigration at Barbados and was waiting for my luggage. I rushed back to the aircraft. Devastated, I narrated my story to the LIAT duty manager who was standing next to the aircraft. With an assurance that I will never forget, he called LIAT in SVG. I could hear him confirming that the folder and the money had been found. He instructed them to put it on the next flight to Barbados for 3.30 p.m. before my flight at 4.30 p.m. I knelt down and cried. All I could think and say was “God you are awesome’.

That was the longest day as I waited and I allowed no doubts in my mind. I knew God was in charge. And sure he was.

The parcel arrived just before I boarded my flight to London. A lady at LIAT assured me that they would make sure I got it. Even now as I write this I cannot forget how I felt. Tears of joy fill my heart.

On return from Brussels I went to the airport LIAT authority to look for my angel, and on three occasions I was told the person was not on duty. I am determined to meet and thank that person myself.

On returning to the office a friend who had assisted me in making this trip possible, had been called by the airport authority on the same day concerning the found folder, as among the contents was an envelope with her name. Using her network she called everyone she knew to ensure I was assisted. Are these not angels of God?

Such level of honesty my dear brothers and sisters of St. Vincent and the Grenadines is to be recognized. But no earthly things can pay such measure of trust.

All I can say is “May the Almighty God bless Miss Peggy DeFreitas and this person whoever you are. May He always be there at your time of need. May He bless you and all those who are close to you, for nothing I can do can ever be as good as God’s blessing.

Mary Gichuru