Our Readers' Opinions
June 1, 2007
To the men who are always right


Editor: St.Vincent and the Grenadines is fortunate to have among its citizens, a group of men who are always right when it comes to economics, culture, health, sports, politics and general public affairs.{{more}}

These men are really brilliant; they can tell you what is wrong with a situation and how to correct it.

Heading the list is the great Keith Joseph, the man who has the answer to every problem in the country, just by taking another look. Next comes Pastor Douglas Defreitas, with a different approach to Keith Joseph. He invokes the blessings of the Almighty before proceeding to heap scorn on everything associated with the government of the day.

The list is long, but we cannot exclude Frank Da Silva, Junior Bacchus, Mathew Thomas and Elwardo Lynch.

And lurking in the background is Dr. Kenneth John. Now can you imagine how this talent is being wasted today? These men are so great that we often wonder why can’t they form themselves into a political party, run for elections, and proceed to solve the problems of the country. Now that would be something to behold.

The problem here is that these men are of the opinion that Vincentians have a short memory span, and as such will never remember their past. The bad news is that not every Vincentian falls into that category, and there are those around who remember, and are ready and willing to bring the past to the fore.

A word to the wise is enough.