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May 25, 2007
Senator Forde, get your facts straight


Editor: It is being said that the people of SVG are the government and the people elect a political party to form the executive arm of this country, and that political party is the ULP and we should respect that.

As a citizen I have the right to question what goes on in parliament. In my opinion, the ULP abuses the House rules many times, but some will say that they are in power, so what. Does that make it right?{{more}} Sometimes I wonder why the House rules are not being applied. I am referring to 33-9. It seems that it’s only being used when Senator Leacock is making a presentation. Is Senator Forde immune to the House rule 33-9? She’s always reading.

I think the ULP’s stance on education is good, I applaud them. No child should be left behind, university access is good, adult education is good, but when I heard Senator Forde say the NDP did nothing for education I found that disrespectful.

Let me remind Senator Forde the NDP built the C.W. Prescod Primary School, the Community College, the New Grounds Primary School and the Greggs Primary School just to name a few. To be a good politician one must come with facts; don’t be like the old Labour, if you want to know what I am talking about, ask Sir Vincent about integrity legislation that he promised would have been in place within 100 days of the ULP taking office in 2001.

I used to think that Senator Forde is a ULP but she is a chip off the old Labour that’s why she thinks like Labour. Is this the future? Is that what we would be getting from Senator Forde and Senator Williams? I hope not. Please Prime Minister replace them. We need constructive criticism, the youths are listening and we are being encouraged to listen to parliament. If Senator Forde has nothing to say, do like Minister Miguel and stay quiet because when one doesn’t know what to say, is time to keep quiet.

Thank you!

Kingsley DeFreitas