Our Readers' Opinions
May 4, 2007
We must compliment the education thrust



I WRITE AS A citizen of this our blessed land to congratulate this present administration on the work they are doing in Education.

It is indeed commendable that so many persons are given opportunities to have a university education, both abroad and locally. It is indeed a breath of fresh air concerning the education thrust by this government.{{more}} I remember in my days university education was for the few who were rich and toed the party lines. If you were poor you had very little chance of a university education, today it is not so. The poor and non-supporter of the present government has a chance to access university education. We must never lose sight of the value of education, for it is the way out of poverty.

So regardless of which party we support, the government must be complimented for its thrust in education and to them I say congratulations and keep up the good work.

Kennard King