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April 13, 2007
Put an end to this dog fighting


Editor: I would like to use your newspaper as the forum to express my outrage at an activity that seems to becoming a popular pastime for some individuals.

A dog fight is a cruel activity in which two dogs are forced to fight for the sake of human entertainment and profit. The injuries inflicted and sustained by dogs during a dog fight are frequently severe, even fatal. Other animals are sacrificed as well, as trainers use smaller animals such as cats, rabbits or smaller dogs as bait.{{more}}

This Country has become a breeding ground for killers. Killers that are trained at a very young age to destroy. These killers are not human beings like you and me but dogs, more specifically pit-bulls.

Pit-bulls have a very notorious reputation, with the proper care and training they are a very stable breed with a solid temperament. A pit-bull is a fantastic choice for a family pet; the breed is very gentle and tolerant of children. It is very important to socialize your pit-bull very early. Take him where there are other dogs and discourage any signs of aggression.

The pit-bull is not a naturally man-aggressive breed. This may go against most of what you hear in the news or read in the paper, but it is the truth. Dogs that are referred to as “pit-bulls” in reports are actually a variety of breeds and mixes all lumped together under the “pit-bull” heading. Many people have a difficult time identifying a true pit-bull. Naturally, as in any other breed, there will still be some dog-aggressive pit-bulls that will remain that way even with thorough socialization. As a dog owner I know this first hand. Not until recent years, when the breed became popular that some careless individuals actually started breeding man-aggressive pit-bull terriers.

The stereotype is that these dogs are vicious, loud animals. There are pit-bulls that are “trained” to be like this, the word “abused” is more like it.

It is amazing how far persons would go to make an extra dollar. These are extremists and should be prosecuted as such.

These innocent dogs are not being allowed the care-free life that they deserve, but are abused, teased or beaten by these trainers to kill other living organisms. As an animal lover I urge the authorities to act firmly on these cruel activities.

Yours Sincerely
Jodine Jackson