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March 16, 2007
What a political turnaround!


EDITOR: There has been quite a political turn around in the nation, since the failed march and rally by the opposition NDP. The Opposition is on the defensive and the ULP government is soaring. The truth is that since the last general elections in December 2005, such has been the case but the talk-shows on NICE Radio have sought to give a different impression. They are actually talking to themselves by creating a feel-good mood in an NDP echo chamber. Meanwhile, the ULP consolidates and increases its strength.

Last week, for example, the opposition NDP was flat; its propaganda was stale; political wind was taken out of its sail. Meanwhile, in Bequia, Sir James Mitchell is being urged yet again to make a come-back. But he knows St. Vincent and the Grenadines is not St. Lucia; that he is not a Compton; and that Ralph is not Kenny Anthony.{{more}}

The march was over-hyped with unrealistic goals, and no central purpose or reason. The eighteen hundred people who marched (not the inflated figures put out by the NDP propaganda) were a let down for their leadership and they were in turn let down by Arnhim Eustace and his leadership crew. Did they really expect the Government to call fresh elections as they hopelessly demanded, in a context where the Government is strong and has the people’s support?

Meanwhile, the Government is building up matters nicely for its anticipated grand showing on the sixth anniversary of its election with the opening of the amazing Rabacca Bridge. The Government last week staged successfully the Warm-up Games for the Cricket World Cup; it has planned over the next few weeks ground-breaking ceremonies for schools at Fair Hall, Barrouallie, Bequia, and Edinboro; and opening the modernised Bureau of Standards next week. Further, preparation are in place for the working visit of Prime Minister Badawi of Malaysia between March 23rd and 25th. This is to be followed shortly by the 200th Anniversary Commemoration of the Abolition of the Atlantic Slave Trade on March 25 at Argyle. In the midst of all this, the very good news on the economy is evident daily!

The Party work of the ULP is continuing. The Party’s internal political education sessions have been drawing bumper crowds at Peace Memorial Hall. And on Thursday, March 15, the regular quarterly meeting of the Party’s National Council (225 members) takes place at the Methodist Church Hall. On the ground “the red rats” are being energised. Even Candy Edwards, the partisan critic of the ULP, was congratulating the ULP last Saturday on the high marks its government has received from the World Bank on the issue of “good governance”. For several weeks before he/she was calling for the government’s removal on account of its “bad governance”.

The ULP, in every way, is soaring to greater heights.

Sincerely yours,
Leonard Jackson
A ULP activist