Our Readers' Opinions
March 16, 2007
Congratulations! LOC did great job


Editor: For over twenty years I have visited this country for rest and relaxation and I was thrilled to hear that Arnos Vale was to host four warm up games.

I was determined to be here for the event and I was not disappointed. I wanted to congratulate the LOC and all involved with the staging of the games this last week. I was present at all four games and felt that everyone had put in maximum effort. The ground (surely one of the most beautiful in the world) looked delightful and the warmth and hospitality of all concerned is to be commended. In particular the volunteers were welcoming and helpful; security and police helped to make visitors feel safe.{{more}}

I have two suggestions for improvement. First, it was a pity that there was not a full range of merchandise available on each day, and no facility to pay by credit or debit card. Second, the toilets need improvement. This is not a criticism of cleaning staff who did their best; the cisterns took too long to refill between each flush.

I much look forward to being in England to see the West Indies Test Match series; I will be at matches in Manchester and Durham.

Hilary Blumer
Cheshire, England, UK